Let’s do this

The time I thought I was an internet troll… so I finally started a blog.

Earlier today I thought I had been blocked. I had posted a comment responding to an article by Emily Henderson on the topic of ‘Modern Victorian’ style, and while I wasn’t mean spirited at all, my contribution was more of a ‘constructive criticism’ comment than a high five moment.

And my comment appeared briefly, then was gone.

I thought to myself, “Huh. That’s weird. Maybe they just filter their comments before posting.” (spoiler alert: they do)

Then I thought, “Oh. Maybe my post was too negative and they removed it.” My heart sunk. For you see, Emily has a happy comment policy for her blog. It’s aimed at making her part of the internet a constructive, respectful, positive community and to keep the internet trolls at bay by simply removing their negative bullshit. When I read her original post about it I was all, “You go girl, haters gonna hate and you don’t have to listen to them!”

Today my comment was gone.

It dawned on me, the heart sinking thought… if my comment was removed, then… was I one of those people? Those ones that throw shade at the sunniest of personalities just for kicks?

Oh my god. I’m an inadvertent internet troll.

I pondered on this for a moment. I thought I had been constructive, I certainly didn’t say anything hateful or rude. In fact I’m one of Emily’s biggest fangirls – I follow the blog and Instagram diligently, comb through (and often buy from) every one of her round ups and recommendations, delight in new room reveals. Secretly I feel like if we ever met we’d be best buds – two quirky blondes who both once worked for Jonathan Adler and just want to make everyone’s home a beautiful place to be.

Then something else bubbled up: I felt feisty. I felt fired up. I had something to say – enough to take the time to comment – and it was gone. And I thought I was making an interesting contribution and that others might be interested in it as well. My comment was about *actual* Victorian decorating and how that informs this ‘Modern Victorian’ style the article was about. The history and context behind this ‘new’ look. I find it fascinating.

At that moment I realized, “Even if I am a troll and my imaginary best friend Emily Henderson now hates me, this is interesting and others will be interested too. Time to start that blog.” Lightbulb moment.

Later that day I went back to the article and saw that not only was my comment there in all its constructively critical glory, but that someone had responded to it thanking me for my insight. You’re welcome ‘Katie at 8.56am’, and thank YOU for confirming that this might be an interesting topic to share more about.


I had a blog back in the olden days of 2009, but it fizzled out as I didn’t have a clear direction. No compass directing the vision, no ‘niche’ if you will. And today I finally found it, and I hope it’s something you will enjoy.

I own a delightful Victorian house. I have a lot to share about how I came to find it, what work it needs, it’s history, and more broadly the fascinating history of Victorian architecture and decorating. ‘Modern Victorian’ or ‘New Victorian’ is exactly what I’m immersed in right now.

In fact my baby sister pointed it out to me months ago via text after I had tried to explain the look I was going for in this new/old house:

“New Victorian,” she said. “NOW I GET IT.”

Me too. Let’s do this.

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