Grand Danbury One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week Five – Scrambling Towards the Finish Line

May 5, 2018

You know how in eighties movies there’s always that scene where the ‘ugly duckling’ becomes the pretty, popular girl by taking off her glasses, doing her hair differently and trying on cool outfits to a boppy tune? That’s what this week has been in the stairwell. We’ve been bopping along, shaking my head to some outfits that didn’t work, nodding emphatically to ones that did, and generally getting prettier. It wasn’t progress in leaps and strides this week like I’d hoped but we are slowly s l o w l y getting there.

I had a short setback last Friday when I spent my entire day off from work sanding and scraping and sanding some more to get the handrail and newel post to their pretty moment. I sanded for hours until I had what I thought it was nice, clean, raw wood and then triumphantly wiped on some Danish oil. Well, let’s just say I had NOT sanded and scraped and sanded quite enough, and the Danish oil was all “Imma gonna show you EVERY TINY THING YOU MISSED.” Not cool, Danish oil, not cool. It’s kind of a hot mess so I’m going to have to go back and redo the handrail and newel post but re-doing things is low on my priority list right now. I will admit defeat here and let you know that it might not be recitifed by the end of the challenge, and my Type A personality will just have to deal with it. Deep breaths.

After the debarkle with trying to install the molding last week, Manfriend and I refocused and worked through getting the rest of the decorative molding cut and installed this week. The acute angles of the staircase molding details nearly got the better of us, but we soon realised that most tricky cutting situations can be solved with one simple hack(saw). So we designed, measured, hacksawed, cut and glued those babies into submission and can now proudly cross ‘install decorative molding’ off the list.

I also had a moment of insanity realization this week when I decided that since we were making the stairwell entry so beautiful, and since we were already painting the front door… well, we may as well make the outside entry prettier tooΒ  BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ON MY PLATE ALREADY. So I ordered a new outdoor light and mailbox, and the garden beds beside the front door are getting a tszujing. Brace yourself for a brutally boring before:

Dead plants. Tiny gross little light. Plastic mailbox. One flowerbed inexplicably full of a strange and prolific type of grass. Next week it will be fresh and cute I promise!

So let’s recap what’s still on the To Do list:

  • Install crown molding
  • Finish the giant art installation for the main wall (gulp – that’s a lot of work on it’s own!)
  • Paint the front door and both interior doors – still deciding if I want to paint the door to my apartment or leave it wood
  • Install coat rack
  • Build storage seating
  • Lots and lots of caulking and paint touchups
  • Install new lights
  • Tile the lowest landing (!!)

I’ve got the weekend off and I’m trying not to panic. Never fear, I will get it done… or won’t I? (No really – I might not!!) Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!


One Room Challenge Guest Participant

Make sure to follow along everyone’s progress – the featured designers are killing it in this challenge! Ashley took her renovation outdoors as well, and Joanna’s backyard makeover is beyond stunning (that black fence is phenomenal!)Β The guest participants are all working hard too – anyone else out there panicking like me?? Everyone seems cool as a cucumber!

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