Grand Danbury One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week Four – A Series of Unfortunate Events

April 25, 2018

Sooooo… Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is no joke. We were warned this would be a challenging week and they weren’t kidding. Last week I naively declared that come this week I would have trim/molding installed and the wood restored. Ha! Ha ha! Last Week Me was so optimistic, high on paint fumes, and forgetting she had six long hard days straight of adulting at work to do. So I had all of one day to devote to the ORC this week, and let’s just say I did not achieve what I had set out to do. Let me paint the picture for you:

Tuesday is the one day I have to work on the stairwell. No probs, my manfriend also has Tuesday off and we are determined to knock out all the molding and trim.

Tuesday is also the day I have a standing midmorning appointment with my personal trainer. No worries – we’ll go to the gym, hit up Home Depot, and still have plenty of time to do all the molding and trim.

Prepare a list of what we need at Home Depot over breakfast. Get to the gym and leave pumped (endorphins make you happy!) and ready to get down and complete the molding and trim.

We stop by Habitat for Humanity on the way to Home Depot and happen to find a box of grout for the tiles for $3. Winning at life.

Grab everything on the list at Home Depot and proclaim how brilliant and efficient we are for making the list and quickly finding everything we need.

Decide to stop by the grocery store and grab lunch and dinner so that all we have to worry about for the rest of the day is getting the trim and molding done. Treat ourselves to lobster rolls because we’re going to be so productive all afternoon.


Now: here’s where things went awry. The molding and trim I found is a super cool recycled lightweight polysterene. This stuff is quite brilliant really – much easier to work with than wood and super budget friendly (all the crown and decorative molding for the staircase ended up being about $85 and that’s including spare pieces). I watched a video online of it being installed and I thought, “Man that’s so easy! You got this!”

Here’s the thing: *spoiler alert* not everything you see on the Internet is true. So when a friendly-looking older handygentleman on the internet tells you to use adhesive caulk on your polysterene trim, stick it up, wipe away the excess and voila! you’re done – WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. That man is a liar my friend. You do NOT save yourself an extra step of caulking, and adhesive caulk is not great at either adhesion or caulking.

So we (and when I say we I mean entirely me as manfriend is eternally patient) struggled and swore and made a mess trying to stick a bendy piece of trim to a wobbly old wall with adhesive caulk that neither adheres nor caulks well. It was sliding down the wall, sticking at one end and not the other, oozing out all over the place – I’m talking full on DIY disaster. By 4.30pm I had to walk away, eat some chocolate and rethink my life how to go about this.

I went back to Home Depot and got some heavy duty adhesive with zero second dry time. I also went to the wine store and bought 3 bottles of wine because WINE ALWAYS HELPS. I swear Home Depot should just add a D.I.Wine aisle over by the paint department to save everyone the trip to the bottle shop.

So by that point it’s 6pm. We managed to sucessfully stick up 5 pieces of the approx. 60 that needed to go up and cannot for the life of us get our heads around the angles for the staircase run of molding. Forget about carefully restoring the wood in the stairwell – my patience was gone at that point.

“But,” I thought to myself, “You need some cool progress pics to show off on the ORC link up! The trim and molding may have been a bust but surely there’s something quick and satisfying you can do to move this project along?” Lightbulb moment: remove all the blue painter’s tape. Painting had been successful the week before and removing the tape would be quick and painless and big impact, right? You would think that but NO. It peeled off in tiny strips. It took off the carefully painted edges. In some areas it took off two layers (!!) of the paint underneath. Deep breath. Keep calm Danielle, and carry on. Take one carefully cropped photo showing the single corner of trim that is finished and carry on.

So, in summary: let’s forget Week 4 ever happened. By next week I’ll have all the molding and trim up and the woodwork restored! And if that fails – SEND WINE.


One Room Challenge Guest Participant


FOOTNOTE: on the plus side I did order some great lighting, found a good storage bench option, received some cool budget-friendly coat hooks, and started on the big art project for the main wall. Plus the tiles for the lowest landing are stunning and will be the absolute bomb when I get them installed. So all is not lost in ORC Week 4 but man am I looking forward to making lots of visible progress in Week 5!

Have you been following along the One Room Challange featured designers and guest participants? Seems Deuce Cities Henhouse was also struggling with a tough/boring week this week, and I’m super excited to see how the Blake Hill House porch vestibule turns out after a slow start – her attention to detail is amazing!


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  • Reply Natalie April 26, 2018 at 12:59 am

    Week 4 was so hard for me for my last ORC projects. Keep positive and hang in there. Even if you don’t get everything finished you’re so much closer to having a room done in your home. Full steam ahead! xo

    • Reply Danielle Berger May 13, 2018 at 7:25 am

      Thanks so much for following along Natalie! And your room turned out brilliantly – so poppy and fun!

  • Reply Liz May 19, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    Hey Danielle! Reading all your ORC posts and you’ve hit soul sister status with this post. D.I.Wine aisle needs to be a thing!

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