One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week Six REVEAL – Making a Grand Entrance

It’s here! Reveal day is here and I am… exhausted? Relieved? Proud! This was my first time participating in the One Room Challenge and I am beyond excited to show you how my stairwell project turned out. But first – let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Week One I introduced the stairwell and all of it’s bland nothingness, and shared some pretty inspiration for the project ahead.

Week Two I shared the mood board for the space, and put the paint color to a vote on Instagram where Le Luxe, a delicious deep green/blue, won. We started priming and preparing for paint.

Week Three was a really transformational week as the paint went on the walls and really shifted this project into high gear. I went into Week Four excited by the progress…

…. aaaaaand then Week Four promptly kicked my butt. This was the low point in the challenge – little happened in the stairwell that week and the Internet lied to me about the ease of installation of molding. But all was not lost!

Week Five we picked up the pace again and smashed out all the decorative and crown molding. I attempted to restore the handrail and newel post but was thwarted by Danish oil and had to abandon that part of the project (the other wood trim looks magnificent though!) I also foolishly added more to the project by taking the renovation outside to include the exterior of the entrance too.

Which brings us to Week Six – the Final Reveal. It has been non-stop work in the stairwell and she is finally ready for her close up! Well, don’t get too close as there are still a few final touches that need to be added, but you know what I mean!

So without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Before and Afters!

Starting outside, the exterior entrance got a little makeover of it’s own. It’s such a lovely little everyday luxury to have a pretty garden and updated accessories out here.



Outdoor light | Mailbox | Doormat | Plants | Door paint color: Carbon Black by Behr

Stepping inside to the lowest landing you are greeted with the magnificent tile! My neighbor helped out with the tile install and we cut it very close – as in, it was all  finally laid yesterday. So this is the part where you have to imagine that the tile is grouted and the trim is all installed. But doesn’t it look so much better already?? I love this updated version of the Victorian clay entry tile and it’s going to be so much more durable in the winter months for this high traffic area.




Tile | Light Fixture | Interior door color: Parador Stone by Behr

Heading up the stairs you can admire the new molding details. Manfriend’s math skills came in handy with all those tricky angles! Adhesive caulk inititally let us down (see: Week Four disaster) but super heavy duty adhesive saved the day. And lots of wine.



Molding | Light paint color: Silky White by Behr. Dark paint color: Le Luxe by Behr

The middle landing is where you hit the pièce de résistance – the huge art project I’ve been hinting at over the past few weeks. Yes my friends, that is TWO STOREYS OF ANTIQUE DOG PORTRAITS. It is magnificent and really makes the space! This is a modern (and budget friendly!) update of one of the initial inspiration pictures. I think I might do a whole post on the Dog Wall and how we accomplished it – let me know if you’d like to know more!



Frames | Rug 

The top landing is where the practical (but still pretty) happens. I found a great storage bench that fit the space exactly and gave some contained storage for shoes, gloves/hats and dog walking accoutrement. The bench was actually quite a nice light barnwood finish, but it didn’t work with the other wood in the space so it got a paint job. On the wall we built a coatrack which is an updated take on shaker style pegs but with pretty brass and lucite hooks. The white fluffy rug is entirely impractical – it’s a placeholder for now as I tried a few different rugs here and none were quite right. The size/asymmetrical shape is right, so I am on the lookout for something similar but more durable/less white.



Hooks | Storage bench | Impractical placeholder rug | Storage bench paint color: Battleship Grey by Behr


So that’s my first One Room Challenge reveal! It was certainly a challenge to makeover the space in six weeks, but the outcome makes all the hard work worth it. What a big difference it has made now that I’m looking back at the Before images!

Thanks so much to the ORC organizers for creating such a cool, creative and constructive internet event, and a big *high five* to all the other Featured and Guest participants – we did it!


One Room Challenge Guest Participant


5 Replies to “One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Week Six REVEAL – Making a Grand Entrance”

  1. looks amazing! I would love to know how you did the picture wall. I know those frames don’t come with mats. Did you make them? And did you attach them to the wall with anything other than nails. I want to do something similar on my walls but the kids would touch the frames and I don’t want them knocking them off haha

    1. Thanks so much Kylie! I will definitely write a post about the dog wall with all the details. Some sizes of the frames have mats, some I faked 😉 I used mostly nails to hang but some of the bigger ones (and some of the ones that a nail just wouldn’t happen – gotta love old walls!) I used 3M Command Strips. The Command Strips work really well and keep them very secure – that might be the way to go to keep your gallery safe from the kiddos! 🙂

  2. Danielle! This is drop-dead gorgeous. I’m in awe of everything about your project. I LOVE the tile. The new trim and moulding are beautiful, and that gallery wall is a stunner. Well freaking done. This project gets a standing ovation from me.

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